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OpenRSA - Workshops

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The ideas below were developed in May 2012, since when the idea of relaunching OpenRSA has been put on hold. On reflection, and from a wide range of conversations, it may be more productive to focus development of an innovation space to pilot ideas for the RSA we would like to see.
The next RSA. David Wilcox

Overall challenge and OpenRSA role

The overall challenge that OpenRSA is addressing - in line with out objectives - is:

How can RSA Fellows contribute to the organisation’s mission - and benefit from the experience in ways that suit their needs as well?

The Fellowship survey highlight networking as a high priority - so we are working on the basis that our objective could be achieved in part by helping Fellows develop personal networking in a way that also builds networks with RSA.

See Collaborating towards a more fully networked RSA. (archive link)

We aim to explore that challenge on three fronts. How to:
Help Fellows understand what’s on offer from RSA, and the part that they can play.

facilitate more opportunities for collaboration between Fellows.

Connect Fellow-led initiatives with others outside the organisation.
The workshop as part of an exploration. Here’s some ideas, based in part on explorations. I (David Wilcox) have been running with others at

Set up phase

Liaise with RSA staff and any relevant Fellowship groups.
Start our blog at, and report our activities there and on (archive link)

Develop some questions and answers about Fellowship to supplement guidance already on offer

Dr Bob Rollins has made a start here (archive link).

Report on any network development in prospect, on the blog

Developing workshop issues and ideas

Crowdsource some talking points - starters here - and initial ideas to address the issues (the reason for the Talking Points - rather than jumping straight to ideas - is that the issues are highly complex, and we need to get some shared understanding of them.)

At the workshop

Provide an update on the RSA context, from the above work.
Use the talking points and initial ideas to generate and prioritise more ideas. Sort the ideas into those that can be taken forward by Fellows on their own; those that can be achieve collaboratively with staff; and those that can only by done by staff and Board (thanks to the Social Spaces Skills Game for this categorisation). (archive link) Form groups around some Fellow-led ideas

After the workshop

This will depend on the pre-workshop and workshop discussions, but we would expect to move forward with some practical action on the Fellow-led ideas.


Previous workshops

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