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Openrsa - Wikispace of the month

On October 30 2007 I got this unexpected email

Hi David,

As you may know we regularly profile one Wikispace as “Space of the Month” in our email update to our members. We think the space would be a good choice as our
October 2007 space of the month. Your space seems to be valuable for all those who are considering how to build and strengthen their community in the digital world, and we’d love to share your story.

If you’re interested we will write a little blurb and point people toward your Wikispace but we also like to have the community hear from you. Please send me just a couple of short sentences in answer to each of these three questions:

Our Space: (What your space is for)

Our Community: (Who is involved in the space including usernames if you like)

Our Experience with Wikispaces: (Your experiences with Wikispaces and\ anything you’d like to highlight about the site.)

Look forward to hearing from you.

Adam, Bisma, Dom, James, and Sarah\ The Wikispaces Team

So I drafted this:

Our space

OpenRSA is an experiment in using a wikispace, events, and other social software to help a 250-year-old UK membership organisation re-invent itself by becoming more networky and less hierarchical. The organisation - Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce - started in the coffee houses of Covent Garden, so we are just introducing new tools for conversation with a wider reach.

Our Community

OpenRSA started as a Facebook group - now with 340 members - after a get-together of about 15 people. We set up the wikispace to give us additional functionality for our larger meeting on October 1. Anyone can get involved in OpenRSA who is currently a Fellow of the RSA (and there are 27,000 of those worldwide) or interested in becoming a Fellow. There’s an official RSA Networks blog here OpenRSA aims to be a friendly unofficial complement run by volunteers.

Our experience with Wikispaces

Wikispaces was an easy choice because of past experience, ease of use, and functionality. Participants in events can add their reports, we can our embed video, and also take in a feed from the chief executive of the RSA, Matthew Taylor. We’ll be doing more prior to an official RSA event for 250 Fellows on November 22.

David Wilcox

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