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-Openrsa - Virtual Coffee House+# Virtual Coffee House 2007 and 2017
 [Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage) [Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)
-![clip\_image002.gif](/​files/​clip_image002.gif "​clip_image002.gif"​)+The original Virtual Coffee House was conceived in 2007 by six RSA Fellows in Newcastle with a shared enthusiasm for finding ways to better connect Fellows in the region and beyond
-Visit the first RSA Ning site at +It was an ambitious vision for using video and a range of other tools for connecting Fellows, and also a pilot site using the [Ning system]( ​
-[http://​​xgi=h8kfvz](​xgi=h8kfvzX). +
-You can download version 5 of the VCH Vision paper describing our ideas +
-The Virtual Coffee House group consists ​of six people in the Newcastle +* [Peter Churchill'​s original vision paper](vchvision2007) 
-area with a shared enthusiansm for finding ways to better connect +* [Don Pinchbeck'​s history ​of the the VCH published 2012](vchhistory)
-fellows in the region and beyond.+
-We held a 4-way video link up eventpublicised amongst follows locally, +The VCH vision pre-datedby a few monthsthe vision for online RSA Networks announced by Matthew Taylor ​in 2007. That initiate failed, as did several others that followed. However, in March 2017 a group a volunteer Fellows launched their own [[fellowsforum|Fellows Forum]].
-as part of our Coffee House Challenge activities ​in 2007.   +
-Further events are now planned - see [here](http://​​events/​event/​listUpcoming) for details.+
-[Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)+In August 2017 RSA announced plans for a major extension of headquarters in John Adam Street, to be called the 21st Century Enlightenment Coffee house.
 +This physical development,​ promoted as "an engine room for a global network”, prompted discussion on the Fellows Forum about the need for an online complement to the space at London HQ ... and the idea of a Virtual Coffee House was reborn on the [ blog](http://​virtualcoffeehouse). Now offline.
 +* [History of RSA Networks and online initiatives 2007-2013](rsanhistory)
 +* [Fellows Forum](https://​
 +* [RSA 21st Century Enlightenment Coffee House](https://​​coffeehouse/​mission-2)
 +[Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)
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