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Using Twitter

Twitter is a simple, free tool that allows you to send and receive short messages - like mobile texts - to and from individuals and networks of people. You can do it from your phone or computer.

We’ll be experimenting with Twitter as one of the tools that OpenRSA can use related to events and general RSA developments.

If you aren’t yet using Twitter yet:


  • Go to and sign up. It’s really simple.
  • Start following people. That means going to their home page on Twitter and clicking follow when you are logged in to Twitter. Some names below. First one to follow is
  • Check back on your home page to see messages - or even better download a desktop client like Thwirl Tweetdeck or Twibble (Windows or Mac) Twitterific (Mac). You can then view your messages like this


Just type you message, hit return, and it will go to anyone following you. If you want to alert someone in particular add @ - so to alert the openrsa account do @openrsa. If you want to send a direct, private message use d openrsa and the message. More here from Michael Martine.

Once you are signed up with Twitter

Some people to follow

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