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Talking points for workshop discussion

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The ideas below were developed in May 2012, since when the idea of relaunching OpenRSA has been put on hold. On reflection, and from a wide range of conversations, it may be more productive to focus development of an innovation space to pilot ideas for the RSA we would like to see. The next RSA. David Wilcox

The OpenRSA exploration will start with some talking points aimed to frame discussion and lead up to workshops in autumn 2012.
The key issue we are inviting people to engage with is:

How can RSA Fellows contribute to the organisation’s mission - and benefit from the experience in ways that suit their needs as well?

That can be re-framed on a personal basis as:

How can being a Fellow of the RSA help me achieve more for myself and others?
What changes would offer greater benefits to me and then to others?


The following are some first suggestions for opening provocations and propositions, that can form the basis for talking points.
More on the exploration page on how they fit into the overall process.

Open up on what’s happening

Fellows aren’t clear on what developments are currently planned.

Clarify the terms of engagement, and expectations

So that Fellows know what to expect from their fees, and the nature of Fellowship.

Allow self-interest.

Promote greater alignments between the RSA programme and Fellows interests in learning, networking and their careers.

Encourage enterprise.

The social entrepreneurs network encourages social enterprises to promote their activities.
Allow businesses and freelances with social objectives to do the same.

Bring in business.

Encourage Fellows with commercial expertise and contacts to bring that to bear in supporting the RSA’s mission.

Think creative, collaborative and connected.

Fellowship council is well established to provide representation of Fellows interests.
We need to strengthen ways in which Fellows can collaborate among themselves.

Encourage Fellows to develop their own services.

The terms under which Fellows make a donation limits the range of services RSA can provide.
Maybe Fellows can can do more for each other.

Enable outside collaborations

Between Fellow-led initiatives and others outside the organisation, as well as staff-led projects.

Enable Fellows to meet more easily.

If that isn’t possible on RSA premises, explore other opportunities.

Develop online spaces and services

To meet this more open agenda through co-design between staff and Fellows, or encouraging Fellow-led initiatives.

Favour the network, not the centre.

Aim to make it as easy to engage outside London as in.

Some previous discussion

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