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RSA Fellowship

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The page was developed in May 2012, to support the relaunch of OpenRSA, which is now on hold.

On reflection, and from a wide range of conversations, it may be more productive to focus development of an innovation space to pilot ideas for the RSA we would like to see.

However, these resources may provide useful briefing for whatever are the next steps. David Wilcox

Some sites may no longer be available

Guidance to RSA Fellows - and Fellowship online

Guidance on the main RSA site

RSA Fellowship on - key links include

The Fellowship Resources page includes

Fellowship online

Recent developments and discussion about Fellowship online

Guidance from RSA Fellowship staff and Fellows\ This is the main open site for discussion among RSA Fellows, and others with an interest in RSA. Technically it is a Ning-based site that includes forums, blogs, and groups. You have to register to contribute. It is managed by RSA staff
RSA on Linkedin

RSA on Twitter

The main account is @thersaorg, with hashrag #rsa.Onle manager Matthew Mezey has created lists for tweets from\ RSA staff and
RSA Fellows
RSA on Facebook
RSA online activity dashboard

Regional activity

RSA staff online

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