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From the RSA

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About RSA Fellowship
The RSA’s work is supported by an international Fellowship of 27,000 people. These achievers and influencers come from an extraordinary range of backgrounds and are committed to civic innovation and social progress.

About RSA Networks
RSA Networks is exploring new ways of engaging and empowering Fellows to become a dynamic network of social change makers and innovators.
CEO Matthew Taylor’s vision.

RSA Fellowship Networks - online networks platform (login required)
The RSA seeks to develop and promote new ways of thinking about human fulfilment and social progress. We do this by providing a forum for ideas and debate, a programme of innovative research and development, and through the activities of our 27,000 strong Fellowship. The RSA platform has been designed to facilitate this vision. It is an online community with space to propose ideas for projects and then share, discuss, develop and support them.

Manchester event November 20 2008

Over 100 Fellows met to review what it meant to be a Fellow.
RSA chief executive Matthew Taylor blogged the event and encouraged Fellows to form their own connections and groups:

In a group to discuss communication, a Fellow who had been quiet up tothen suddenly burst out: ‘you mean, if I want to, I can just contactlocal Fellows and start a local group; I don’t need permission fromLondon or the regional committee?’ Exactly.

RSA Manchester Network in Facebook


NESTA, the National Endowment for Science, Tevhnology and the Arts, invested £100,000 in development of RSA Networks, and also commissioned evaluations.

Evaluation of RSA Networks

Interim evaluation
Consultant author Sophia Parker wrote: “We need to understand much, much more about what this ‘new collectivism’ might mean for organisations of the future. The mediating role that they have played in our lives is looking increasingly redundant as each of us as individuals find tools to work together in new ways”.

Download pdf or Read online

Final evaluation

The evaluation took the form of a report and principles for networks innovation, on the NESTA website.
“The report sets out what we hope will be a useful set of lessons for those who want to learn more about supporting networked innovation or managing change. A series of videos filmed throughout the project will be available for download from this website soon.”

The principles are available here. Download or Read online the full report.

Other reports and blog items from NESTA on networked innovation:


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