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OpenRSA has rasied some of the same sorts of matters as the British Computer Society KIDMM group on the patters of kbnowledge, information, data, metadata, documents, methods, models, matters concerning the impact of knew information and communication technologies. Patters is a sort of twitter for what started out at nature, but it can’t be or have,then became patterns but I’m not sure it is that either.

I started a Polythemus on Wordpress along with the call for proposals from the Leverhulme Trust on beauty while working on a test case involving Polyphemus.

It then occurred to me that the professional obligation of a MBCS or CITP is different from a FRSA.
So I should set up an exploration of the sorts of activities and engagements RSA might develop.
There is also an activity called PRADSA which willbe part of this.

PRADSA is the practical design with technology for social activism. KIDMM is knowledge, information, data, metadata, documents, models, methods, RSA is arts, commerce, manufacture, and Leverhulme is beauty, so we have polythemus.

Now we come to the matter of methods.
How do we engage in something like this?
Then there is the matter of cases.
We construct a case.
This uses evidence.

My matter is the connection between the case here, the case for or of the BCS, the case of or for Kingston University, the Library Association, with its silly new name, and that this site has moved to ning.

Here is a place though where I can got matters which might be more contentious than elsewhere?

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