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openrsa.net_proposal proposal

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This page date from 2008, when there were discussions about how to develop online systems following first prototyping

This is a proposal for - a website that builds on the technical and social developments of the RSA Networks project, and on the conversations that ensued on the OpenRSA google group.

The mission of this site is to:

  • Continue the action research started by the RSA Networks project on a voluntary basis.
  • Continue to evolve and discuss new ways for users of the site to collaborate on and offline.
  • Feed back results of this continued research to the RSA for possible integration with their ongoing RSA Networks programme.
  • Be a place where RSA Fellows and Non-Fellows can contribute to the project.

The site will be run by its users:

  • Any changes to the functioning of the site or actions effecting all users will be decided by discussion on the site, followed by majority vote in an online poll. This decision-making structure may itself be modified in this way.
  • The site will be hosted and managed by a team of volunteers. Anyone may volunteer to join that team.
  • Responsibilities and roles to be discussed to ensure that the project achieves its aims and doesn’t drift. will start by:

  • Moving the prototype: to a new domain: to clearly delineate it from the new platform.
  • Re-writing the content of the site to explain the changes.
  • Messaging all current users, explaining the new mission and structure of the site, inviting them to ‘opt in’.
  • Both staff and volunteers facilitating discussion on the site, and keeping information flowing between RSA and OpenRSA.

Areas of possible future discussion

As illustrated by the Virtual Coffee House Vision

  • Conversation management systems.
  • Live conferencing.
  • Exploring online and face-to-face behaviour patterns.
  • Investigate the system nuances of managing privacy/transparency/translucency issues and understanding their role in encouraging/discouraging participation.
  • Enhancing systems to visualise realistic levels of activity within RSAN.
  • New schemes to generate interest in the RSAN.
  • Further research the natural dynamics within knowledge networks in order to synthesise an online environment conducive to collaboration.
  • Promoting the social innovation activities both within the Fellowship and more widely.
  • Explore the opportunities, boundaries, roles and responsibilities of co-managing a volunteer/RSA online community.

Personal suggestions for a process for developing - and OpenRSA: development proposal

  • David Wilcox
  • What is OpenRSA, and what are we trying to achieve: an Innovation Lab
  • Governance and management model
  • Projects
  • Sites and events
  • Process
  • Roles
  • Engaging RSA and RSAN

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