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Key points emerging

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Here’s some of the interests that people attending the workshop expressed when asked what they hoped would happen, and how. Please add yours under the discussion tab above - and any other comments - or join in discussion here.

David Gauntlett

  • I am hoping that, rather than forming too much of a set of concrete individual wishes in advance, people will come along with their own ideas and aspirations, and then share them with others, work together… …and be pleasantly surprised at the result.

Lizzie Jackson

  • Gathering together all the things that have been learnt about the RSA/RSA fellowship and on and off-line networks over the last eighteen months (contributions coming from the RSA, NESTA and OpenRSA).
  • Visualising, expressing, and identifying concrete steps towards making that happen.

Fred Garnett

  • looking to review what has developed with OpenRSA over the past year and agreeing some operating principles for the network, probably built around conversations.
  • look at ways of utilising or developing an RSA Network which can be a resource we can all share in developing a Knowledge Democracy, probably through the development of local projects which could use the network as a source of expertise and support; Personally I am interested in developing what I call “Citizen-Generated Contexts”

Mike Amos-Simpson

  • Like others I’m generally interested in the idea of online collaborations - not just the technical side but also what consideration is given to things like dynamics, facilitation and similar (the stuff that maybe people assume you have to meet face to face for)
  • Out of this I hope eventually to get something useful from being involved with RSA - it would be nice if this was a good online aspect, but failing that meeting some interesting people will do!

Christy Avraam

  • I am coming to see if there is a better way I can start to build working relationships/collaborations with other professionals through the RSA.
  • I want to see if there is a way I can make connections with other fellows that will enable me to bring more Art into the lives of others.

David Wilcox

  • we’ll get some really clear indication of what RSA plans to offer Fellows in future for our £140. Currently events are open to all, facilities are limited, anyone can join and be “FRSA” Or is it the other way around, and we are supporting RSA? For what? Is the civic innovation vision dead? And so on :-)
  • I hope we will, in any case, find some shared interest with someone else present in developing a project. My interest is communication toolkits for online/offline activity to help members of any organisation collaborate more effectively.

Jemima Gibbons

  • I’m coming along because I’m writing a book on the impact of social media on leadership, so interested to see how social media can help (or hinder?) an organisation such as the RSA.
  • I’m hoping to meet other Fellows, identify the key problems/ benefits in establishing an online network and - hopefully - agree on the best way to do it.

Alan Patrick

  • I have been involved in OpenRSA since its inception, its a fascinating experiment
  • I believe social media is a tool with extremely high potential to help restructure society in a more democratic and transparent way, but also has major risks - and I want to have input to that great debate. We are a consultancy with a lot of skill/experience in this space so also see opportunity to help and learn at the same time.

Sian Prime

  • I think the RSA is an amazing network of people, people with expertise, strong social conscience and generosity, I want to be part of this initiative that will help people connect and access more connections.
  • I work in the field of supporting creative and social innovation and enterprise, it feels like this network can make a big impact, either directly through the RSA or through the Fellow’s own work outwith the RSA, and I want to see how we can ensure that is maximised.

Laura Bunt

  • To share ideas, thoughts and aspirations for how the key learnings from the evaluation, RSA event in Manchester and Open RSA/Networks work last year can be embedded into the fabric of the RSA and share recent developments and priorities for the Fellowship team towards turning this into a reality.
  • To work towards developing a ‘tool kit’ that creates and supports the right conditions for Fellows’ networks and turning ideas into practical actions.

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