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Openrsa - Join in OpenRSA

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These were the original joining options for OpenRSA 2007-09. Some links broken.

OpenRSA 2007-09

OpenRSA is an space online and events to discuss and develop ideas for the re-invention of the RSA. You can join in by:

Email: Visit this group

Subscribe to openrsa

When you fill the box with your address and send, you will get an email with a link to confirm you wish to subscribe to the group. Click that and you are subscribed for emails to and from the group. You can stop there.
However, there’s an additional step if you want to use the group through the web interface. Google says this:

The “join” option allows you to decide how frequently and in what form you have emails.
“Sign in” gives you full access to web features of the group - however you must either use an existing Google account details to sign in (if you have an account), or create a Google account. Any problems email me David Wilcox
Here’s the feed from the group
OpenRSA discussion

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