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 +# Ideas for engagement
 +[Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)
 +### Suggestions for the proposed 2012 exploration
 +- Take a whole organisation approach - involve Fellows, staff, Board, Council and others who engage with RSA
 +- Adopt whole system thinking - draw on ideas of collaborative economy and social ecology
 +- Build on RSA strengths - staff-led projects and events, diverse Fellowship, many partners, wider audience
 +- Reconnect to RSA foundations - develop virtual coffee houses for conversations across disciplines and sectors
 +- Help people use digital technologies to develop the ecology bottom up - foster personal learning networks
 +- Blend online and face-to-face - expand events digitally, enable informal meetings
 +- Offer rewards to match individual interests - personal or professional development,​ projects opportunities,​ sociability
 +- Use the process to build the Fellowship - renewal, recruitment,​ and returning Fellows
 +- Recognise the skills and resources needed for the process - develop a communication and innovation hub
 +- Make it fun
 +[Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)
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