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The OpenRSA initiative was started in 2007 to support new developments planned for the 250-year-old RSA - the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce.
OpenRSA was particularly active autumn 07- spring 08 around the launch of RSA Networks. Original statement here

The ideas below were developed in May 2012, since when the idea of relaunching OpenRSA has been put on hold. However, we may relaunch in the light of discussions about the RSA mission - summarised here - and others about RSA Fellowship on Linkedin (login) David Wilcox January 2013
OpenRSA is conceived as an open collaborative exploration over six months, starting in June 2012, around the theme:
How can RSA Fellows contribute to the organisation’s mission - and benefit from the experience in ways that suit their needs as well?

The exploration will be conducted partly online, and also through meetings and workshops. It is a Fellow-led initiative in support of staff-led developments for the Fellowship, and the technology platform. We aim to work closely with staff throughout.

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