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David Wilcox

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I was an RSA Fellow during 2007 - 2010 when I helped start OpenRSA, and rejoined in March 2011. Here’s some of the content I developed since then. This note written in 2012

The nature of RSA Fellowship

Why be an RSA Fellow - and how to make the most of it? Five bottles that may help understanding
Summary of blog post May 30 2012 : there is no simple proposition for joining or staying with the RSA. To understand the potential we may need to think about our roles as consumers, donors, voters, challengers … but most of all as creative collaborators.

Exploring what might be involved in developing a more networked RSA

Collaborating towards a more fully networked RSA
May 24 2012 In summary: if we want a better networked RSA, with more chances to connect and benefit from its many activities, we can’t just jump to a solution. We need a Fellow-led exploration of what’s possible, some experiments, and a chance to help shape new content strategies and networking activities.

Next steps towards a networked RSA
July 23 2012 Here’s an update on my earlier suggestion for a Fellows-led exploration into how to develop a more fully networked RSA. See comment below for the latest: Will Fellowship Councillors lead?

Update on network explorations: could RSA be a Free University? Digital engagement group forum post August 28 2012. Summary This is an update on the proposed open exploration into how RSA could enhance opportunities for networking among Fellows, and the ways that they could engage with the organisation. It takes in other recent discussions on Linkedin about why people joined the RSA, and around the Fellowship Council election, and leads to ideas for further development of a model of personal and professional learning networks: RSA as a Free University.

How the RSA might support more enterprising Fellows
Could RSA extend the support it offers to social entrepreneurs to other Fellows.

Reporting staff-led projects

Using social network analysis to find and support Changemakers March 7 2012
In the Digital Engagement group we’ve been discussing how to help Fellows find out what’s going on in RSA, and the possible role of social reporters - which is my enthusiasm. As well as helping Fellows tell stories about what they are doing, I thought it would be interesting to find out more about staff-led projects. Here’s my first report, originally posted on my blog

Networking business for great social and economic benefit
March 9 2012 Following my earlier interview with Ben Dellot, about networking and the Changemakers project, here’s one I did with Emma Norris, for my blog, on networking around local business.

Discussions on Linkedin

I have facilitated two major discussion on the RSA Linkedin group, and with the agreement of contributors summarised them.

  • “Item for the RSA Board awayday: a mission we can understand” involving 26 people and 150 comments. Summary here
    * “Here’s CEO Matthew Taylor’s vision for FRSAs - what’s yours?” 15 contributors, over 80 comments. Summary here.

Discussion papers


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