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Openrsa - Communication aims

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Here’s a note for discussion that I did in helping prepare for the workshop - David Wilcox

I see these audiences/contributors before and after the event

  • people attending
  • other staff and Fellows
  • people who are not Fellows but touch the RSA through events etc
  • potential Fellows others interested in how membership organisations may become networked organisations.
    Roland Harwood’s piece on Network Value is relevent and there’s the NCVO/RSA Future of membership project

Communication aims - for discussion

  • help make the event as productive as possible by providing resources and opportunities for discussion beforehand
  • enable those not attending to contribute ideas, and hear what happened
  • help engage people with/on the new RSAN site, and any other social spaces that develop
  • share ideas, inspiration with the wider audience interested in RSA and networked organisations
  • demonstrate the potential for social reporting of other events

We’ve discussed a blog, Twitter feed, and space for online resource before and after. To reach these audiences/users I suggest linked tracks

1. RSAN site.
2. Open site (s). The easiest option would be to use the OpenRSA blog and wiki
3. Twitter - could be through various accounts as well as openrsa. We’ll need a tag.
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