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Openrsa - Collaboration Resources

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This was an early list

Linebuzz - allows commenters to add inline comments on blogs
Tiddlywiki - a single html file that is a complete wiki! Lots of interesting potential for this but haven’t thought how to use yet!
Sharedbook - something else I haven’t fully explored but allows for blogs to be printed as books and has potential for other uses
Commentpress - wordpress variation that allows for comments on paragraphs
Vyew - designed for ‘real time and instant collaboration’
Fasterplan - “Fasterplan is a collaborative tool that helps you and your friends/business partners to better organize your spare time/business meetings”
Twiddla - a ‘web based meeting playground’ (I like that description!)
theAwesomeHighlighter - allows to highlight notes on web pages and then email them to others
mindmeister - online mind mapping
Diarised - for planning meetings convenient to all
ThePoint - premise is that there is a ‘tipping point’ and until reaching it nobody does anything
(can’t help but thing nothing will happen but then I guess thats the point! ;-) )
Anecdote - A ‘collaboration framework’ with a doodle explaining what they mean by that!
Bracket - a ‘toolkit for collaborative processes’ - kind of a workflow for working through collaborative ideas (I think)
added more collaboration resources on Delicious - see here

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