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What Fellows think

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Results of a 2012 Survey - archive link

Detailed recommendations that flow from the analysis of the survey include:

  • clearer and more tailored paths to engagement for Fellows and improved online offering
  • increased visibility of the RSA's activities and realisation of its mission;
  • more specific offerings for younger Fellows; and
  • facilitation for those who are willing to contribute to projects including funding and to leave legacies to the RSA.

Insights from Linkedin discussions in 2012, when RSA was considering Strategy

Fellows have already turned their attention to the challenge with two major discussions in the Linkedin group.

  • Item for the RSA Board awayday: a mission we can understand Summary of discussion 26 Fellows, over 150 comments
  • Here’s CEO Matthew Taylor’s vision for FRSAs. What’s yours? Summary of discussion and the following key points. 15 Fellows, over 70 comments

Comments include:

  • there is a lot of enthusiasm for developing more Fellow-led projects and activities to contribute to the RSA’s overall purpose, as Matthew Taylor hoped for in his post
  • however, rather than just identifying specific tip-of-the-iceberg projects as contributing to the purpose, we should take account of the overall contribution that the work of Fellows can make where that has been supported by networking within RSA and other support
  • in order to achieve that greater contribution, we need much better networking and support. This may be some sort of communication and innovation hub, plus well-facilitated online and offline spaces, specifically to serve Fellows
  • while the RSA has overall to pursue the charitable objects defined in its Charter, the notion of constraining Fellows’ individual activities as charitable does not make sense, and is not motivating
  • in order to retain, motivate and recruit Fellows we need a way of blending the achievement of some overall purpose with personal and professional development and learning … in ways that are relevant to the individual.

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