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 [Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage) [Back to RSA networks and engagement](netengage)
-This page was written in May 2012, since when the idea of relaunching +The page below was written in May 2012, when there were plans relaunch ​OpenRSA. These were put on hold when it seemed that RSA staff would be developing a new online system as part of redesign ​of the RSA main siteThis didn't happen, but there have been more recent developments. See: 
-OpenRSA ​has been put on hold. On reflection, and from a wide range of + 
-conversations, ​it may be more productive to focus development ​of an +* [RSA Fellows'​ Forum](fellowsforum) 
-innovation space to pilot ideas for the RSA we would like to seeThe +* [What next](whatnext) 
-next RSADavid Wilcox+ 
 +David Wilcox 
 OpenRSA was started by a group of Fellows in 2007 to support the vision OpenRSA was started by a group of Fellows in 2007 to support the vision
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 * [Archive of OpenRSA 2007-09](openrsa_1_archive) * [Archive of OpenRSA 2007-09](openrsa_1_archive)
 * [More about RSA Fellowship](rsa_fellowship) - links * [More about RSA Fellowship](rsa_fellowship) - links
-* [Results of RSA Fellowship survey](https://​​web/​20131003191624/​http://​​fellowship/​news/​results-of-fellowship-survey) (archive link)  +* [Results of RSA Fellowship survey](https://​​web/​20131003191624/​http://​​fellowship/​news/​results-of-fellowship-survey) (archive link)
 * [Download survey](https://​​web/​20131002212033/​http://​​__data/​assets/​pdf_file/​0006/​605364/​2012-05-21-Fellowship-Survey-Report-for-Newsletter-linking-3.pdf) * [Download survey](https://​​web/​20131002212033/​http://​​__data/​assets/​pdf_file/​0006/​605364/​2012-05-21-Fellowship-Survey-Report-for-Newsletter-linking-3.pdf)
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